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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this morning on "today's take," jessica biel opens up about motherhood, justin timberlake and what she wants every woman to know, and then wait until you see how these brooklyn ballers train for their games, and al's in the kitchen making the best chicken dish ever. all that and more coming up next. >> from nbc news, this is "today" take" with al roker, willie gyetvai, natalie morales and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller, plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a rainy morning in new york city,
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actually a rainy morning across large parts of the country. willie along with al and tamron. natalie is in rowsburg, oregon, covering the shooting on the campus of umpqua community college. natalie, let's go right to you with the lateest. guys, once again. here we are at community college. it's actually closed and the road leading into the campus is closed through the weekend and will reopen again on monday. this is pretty much an active crime scene right now. this is a community really in mourning. it's a small town and rosenberg has 20,000 people and that kind of community where everybody knows everyone in town and last night over 1,000 people held a candlelight vigil at a nearby park to remember the victim and to honor and pay tribute to them because in times like these it's the victims that we want to remember. we're also beginning to hear incredible stories of courage under fire. law enforcement was quick to arrive on the scene here in less than ten minutes.
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that prevented even more loss of life. at 10:38 in the morning yesterday the first week of school, classes were settling in and that's when there were the first reports of an active shooter on campus. chris harper mercer, 26 years old, was reportedly armed to the teeth with three guns, handguns, and a rifle. several magazines of ammunition, and he -- and a ballistics vest and according to some survivors he reportedly asked the victims to stand up and asked themheir religion, and if they said they were christian he then shot some in the head. now, as these horrible details emerge so are many of the questions that we still don't have answers to, and the -- the biggest one, of course, is why, the motive why he came to this campus and did he have any connection to this college that. we do not yet know.
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though are these incredible stories of survivors and heroics. one of them chris mintz was a student here. he's an army veteran and had served ten years. he just started college. he was shot multiple times according to friends and family. he is expected to survive. he apparently pleaded with gunmen saying it was his son's birthday so to please let him live and his aunt tells nbc news that he actually was cited for being a hero and protected others as he was being shot himself, risking his life to prevent others from being injured or killed. guys, i'll send it back to you. >> yet another case of the veteran of the united states military stepping up in a crisis and perhaps saving lives. natalie, thank you so much. this the obviously is a huge problem in this country. it's the 31st mass shooting since columbine. that in 1999. this includes shootings with
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three or more victims. that's how we're defining it here, although there are many definitions of a mass shooting. this is the 142nd school shooting since the massacre at sandy hook elementally school in december 2012, from every town from gun safety and nbc news has counted four college campus shootings since the start of the 2015 school year. president obama stepped to the podium in the white house briefing room and was exasperated as he spoke. >> somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine, the conversation and the aftermath of it. we've become numb to this. i hope and pray that i don't have to come out again during my
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tenure as president to offer my condolences to families in these circumstances. but based on my experience as president i can't guarantee that. and that's terrible to say. >> going back to the campus, earlier this morning savannah spoke to two students in the classroom next door to the shooedings, cassandra welding and sarah cobb described what they heard yesterday. >> about half an hour, 40 minutes into class and i hear this loud noise and like cassandra i thought maybe it was a book or a table or something but it was kind of suspiciously loud so my parents always from a young age told me to be alert, be aware of your surroundings so at that point i was looking around, and i looked out window and i -- i saw two girls running from the building, and that's when i knew, it registered to me that was a gunshot so i told the teacher we've got to get out of here, got to get out of here now and she was leaning over to the door that connects the two
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classrooms by the wall, and she asked is everyone okay, are you all right, and she almost reached to open the door which thank god she didn't pause that would have been the end right there. we all probably would have had the shooter in the classroom also. >> you know, you -- this is now almost becoming one of your biggest fears as a parent is, that you know, you -- you send your kids to school, whether it's elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and what happens if you start to see something like this. >> yeah. >> i mean, the thought of every parent in that community who has a child or knows somebody who worked at that school, you know, until they found out what happened to their loved one. frightening. >> doesn't matter where you live. can you can be living in you'll oregon or suburban chicago or chicago public schools. >> one of the organizations that tracks these mass shoot some things called every town because that is a reminder that it can happen and to your point, al, in
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staffers and aurora was a movie theater. the incident that happened in louisiana was at a movie theater so whether it's a child whose parent gives them a hug and sends them off to school or the teachers who managed to escape from the theater in louisiana on the last week of a break and thought we'll catch a funny film and barely made it out alive. it is what the president said both routine reaction of himself and our jobs as journalists as well. how do we have a provocative, important, fearless conversation about what to do next, and that is the complexity of it because already mike huckabee, who is running for president, has come out and said the president is using this and then we get back into that same dialogue. where are those voices, dare i say, in the middle who can have a heartfelt real and unafraid conversation. >> and what are the specific
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that would actually work because oregon does have universal background checks. things in place to stop this. >> and it didn't work yesterday. >> obviously. natalie will be there and we'll continue to follow all of the latest development. something that hopefully and i think it will. i know will warm your heart today. you know, we love taylor swift. her talent is obviously at a next level, but her heart apparently matches that talent and beauty. taylor swift has donated $50,000 to her backup singer. his name is kim toshi davidson. his 13-month-old nephew is battling cancer and we're celebrating our cancer survivors today but baby aiden, his picture, the family actually started a gofundme account to help pay for medical treatment. talk about a parent's fear, not being able to afford the care your child needs to potentially save their life. well, taylor donated and posted this message, baby aiden, i'm
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your uncle toshi on tour and all of us are praying for you and your momma is sending so much love your way. love taylor. toshi wrote back, and said taylor swift is an angel and my family and i cannot thank her enough. she's an incredible human being, and i saw a little video of them on stage, just to know that obviously she has what people life. no life is perfect but you make these assumptions about people and that she stops in the middle of everything that she's doing and she says this is not a backup dancer. this is my friend. >> right. >> and i want to help. >> and those are families out on those tours. >> have to be, have to be. >> spend so much time. >> good for taylor, and you know, what we're wishing the best to baby aiden as well. >> absolutely. this is kind of fun. the brooklyn mets had a rather unusual training session, they have an owner who happens to be a russian billionaire, and yeah -- >> happens to be. >> right.
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>> just happens to be a russian billionaire so look at the drills he's put them through. this is not something -- i mean, that's pretty impressive stuff. >> what does that do for you other than look funny on video. that's pretty good. >> he's a good basketball player, too. nice when you love basketball growing up and you get to a point where you can buy a team, that's ultimate basketball fan move. >> hands on, like jerry jones with my cowboys, like practically on the field. >> he's around. >> he's around a lot. >> jerry jones-esque. >> if you're an owner running drills and doing the drills with the team i would say you're pretty much hands on. >> we've been talking all week about joaquin, and it is still a category 4 storm. the good news is with each successive run of the models it's brought it further offshore and that's good news. right now still a category 4 storm and 130-mile-per-hour winds. it's moving through the bahamas
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and now moving to the northwesterly direction and that's good news and keeping it away from the coast and so as it does we're still going to have effects for this. we're still going to be feeling the effects. winds very gusty winds along the coast. there's going to be coastal flooding. we're going to be watching this, and down in the southeast we've got this low pressure system. this could be historic catastrophic flo catastrophic flooding in theo southeast, especially in south carolina. the effects for this are going fob eefr the next several days going to be really rough. we're talking upwards of 20 inches of rain on top of what has already fallen. dylan dryer is down there, she will be reporting over the weekend for this. we've got flood alerts, 31 million people being affected by flash flood watches and warnings from washington all the way down to charleston. . cloudy skies metro boston north with periods of light rain through the day. steady rain down through the south coast as well as the cape and islands. windy even in boston.
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the northeast winds working with astronomical high tide around 3:00 will lead to minor pockets of flooding. 7 on 7 forecast, no washouts this weekend and no hurricanes either. a few showers around tomorrow. sunday a lot of clouds. a little bit of sunshine. windy and cool tomorrow. breezy and cool on sunday. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. up next, actress and new mom jessica beel steps up to talk about some taboo top picks all to help women and girls. she will also tell us how justin is doing with those diapers.
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little humor. >> if you want me to take my birth control pill and like remind me to take it, don't make it pink, make it in the shape of a tiny crying baby. >> it's almost like the pills should have a sound like a greeting card like every time you open it it goes wah, wah, oh, my god, i'm going to literally like guzzle them. >> jessica biel is here along with the ceo of women care global. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> i love it when we kept the video going and it says don't guzzle your birth control pills. >> have to put a disclaimer on everything you said in that video. >> pretty much. >> it's a great group. doing such good work. jessica what, drew you to this and what was your specific interest? celebrities, you have to pick and choose the causes that you attach yourself to. what was it about this? >> this was really personal for me because a couple years ago when i was thinking about starting a family and i started
10:17 am
you have to get off birth control and what happens and how -- how exactly is it going to go and i just started to realize i had absolutely no idea, really, what my cycle looked like. i never knew, and i was embarrassed and i -- i didn't want to tell my friends. i didn't want to the tell my mom, and then i started talking to people and i realized nobody else knows, and it was this real awakening, this moment of oh, my gosh, we have a real kind of problem going on here. there's such a lack of ='cation and such a huge amount of misinformation when it comes to these issues, you know, women, reproductive health issues and haven't been taught. >> and we're not talking about far fung places, talking about right here in our schools in the united states. >> well, honestly. there's a couple of shocking statistics. one of them, only 22 states even
10:18 am
teach sex education and out of those 19 have to be medically accurate so when you think about why there is misinformation, and a lack of information, you know, we're really hoping that we can be the curator, that we can be the organization that brings a lot of information and education to girls but not just girls. we want this to be about partner to partner. that's right. >> we want this to be about parent to child and peer to peer and want to include men in the conversation. >> you're a new moem mom mother, us a pointed out. baby silas, justin has a few years before he needs to have the sex talk with silas. how is the little guy? >> he's wonderful. >> yeah. he's -- he's just a. you know. he's -- it's an amazing, amazing experience, incredibly harvard, the hardest job in the world, and i -- i've never been more thankful and grateful to my own mother. >> isn't that true? >> oh, my gosh. >> thanks. >> i -- i'm going to call her right after this actually and just thank her because what you have to do for your kid, it's --
10:19 am
and the biggest joy ever. >> there's no question. i did the same thing. mom, hi no idea. i took you for granted for 0 years, i'm so sorry for what i've put you through. are we getting justin up in the middle of the night to do bottles and diapers and all that sort of stuff? >> he is doing it all. >> he's in there. >> he's in there deep. >> see, that's a good example for what you guys are talking b.ladies, congratulations on the work you're doing and continued success. nice to see you both. >> thank you. >> if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. [ female announcer ] when you're serious
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>> i'm working on the furniture. don't worry. it takes six to eight weeks. the stars of "the hunger games" sat down with an interview, jennifer lawrence, will iiam hemsworth and josh hutchison played a game of truth or dare and jennifer accepted a challenge to see how many marshmallows she could fit into her mouth. brace yourself. >> one, two, three, four, how is it going so far? >> fine. >> eight. >> here's two. >> okay. >> now can you do the mocking jay whistle. >> you're up to eight, two more. there you go. >> after that she was asked to share her most disgusting habit,
10:24 am
believe it or not, it wasn't that. her answer, she doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom. are you kidding? jennifer, get on this show and explain that. okay. well, so she's honest. just don't shake her hand. if it seems will smith is getting jiggy again and he's got a new party song to prove it. smith releasing his first song in ten years, it's called fiesta and actually by a colombian group and he apparently liked the song so much and rapid on the remix version. could this be more music from the fresh prince in the future. we can only hope, can only hope and youtube start is at it again known for creating epic video tributes to his favorite artists covering superstars like beyonce and taylor swift and his latest a rihanna tribute. i may be fine
10:25 am
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taking a look at headlines, another big data breach to tell you about. hackers have stolen personal information belonging to 15 million t-mobil customers including social security birth dates. the hackers got the information from credit reporting agency experion which t-mobil uses to check the credit of consumers looking for phone plans. there's no evidence that the inappropriately. new mortgage loan rules aimed to protect consupersummers are set to take place tomorrow. the u.s. government will require
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of course, for more information you can go to the company's website da and if you've ever wanted to live like mr. spock or captain kirk and travel at wash speed to texas where a mansion designed with a "star trek" theme is on the market, $1.2 million, by the way, will get you a media room that looks like the bridge of a starship enterprise and also has spaceship-inspired bunk beds and futuristic bathroom for when you want to go boldly i guess where people go every day. let's get a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> even you were embarrassed by that one. i like that. >> all righty, hey. weekend planner, it's going to be a mess. have anything planned outdoors, mid-atlantic states into the southeast you're going to have problems because it's going to be windy and wet and it's going to be a mess. as you get your way into the midwest, beautiful weather and back through the plains and on into the southwest it's looking wet as well, and then as we move into sunday coastal flooding
10:32 am
again going to be a problem and strong winds. beach erosion and just at mess up and down the east coast with rip current going to be a problem. more rains, plains, back moot southwest. sunshine in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on a cloudy skies metro boston north with periods of light rain through the day. steady rain down through the south coast and cape and islands windy even in boston gusting at 30 miles per hour. the northeast winds working with astronomical high tide around 3:00 will lead to pockets of minor coastal flooding. 7 on 7 forecast, no washouts this weekend and no hurricanes either. a few showers around tomorrow. sunday, a lot of clouds. a little bit of sunshine. windy and cool tomorrow. breezy and cool on sunday. >> and that's your latest wetter. >> all righty. >> it's our favorite time of the year, football season, so we're going to show you how to get
10:33 am
best party in the lot with the help of amy panos, "better homes and gardens" and a saints fan who is going to be crying on sunday. good to see you, amy. >> turn around. >> well. >> i've got brees here, he's hurt. >> you know. >> tailgating, all about the snacks, best part, right? coolers, think multiple coolers. >> okay. >> you want one more cold food, and look at this, handy dandy little velcroed on baggy for all the utensils. >> love that. >> and another cooler for hot food, just line it with tin foil and take up the extra space with dish towels and that will keep it insulated. suv? >> or do the small version. cooler. >> love it. >> and you can just freeze ice. >> perfect. >> crab a couple of jumbo muffin tins out of your kitchen and really smart for condiments and lined them with the pipeliner,
10:34 am
done with the tailgate. throw them away and you're not throwing away a mess and it also makes a perfect container, fits a red solo cup and what's going on with our beer. >> clean tube socks. >> what is it do? >> keeps your beer cold and one. >> and al. >> the ultimate sandwich. >> indeed. this is the ultimate sandwich. you take a big low of of bread, slice it all the way through almost to the bottom and stuff every other opening with the stuff and your tailgaters can grab and go. >> only transporting one sandwich. >> mexican dip. >> these are individual ones. would you like to learn how to make the perfect layers. >> start piping the sour cream in the middle and swirl it >> perfect.
10:35 am
>> and where do we get the rest of the cheese. >> there are the pretty ones that are done. >> and then football brown less. >> thrill football shaped cookie cutters and make cute football-shaped brownies. >> catch. >> nice. >> nailed it. >> well done. >> and there you go. didn't let that one fall. >> this is chalkboard paper. just made a little gridiron here with chalk. >> love it. >> we're all family. >> shall we see who is the best quarterback at this tail backparty. >> i think it's erica hill. >> i should throw the football because my aim is probably worse. >> a couple dollars each and decorated them with crepe paper. >> she's going to go to the smaller hoop, go one smaller. >> and hold it far away from your body, right. >> nice.
10:36 am
>> this is the ultimate challenge. >> the small hoop. do it. >> very nice. >> impressive. >> there we go. >> like the team. >> happy tailgating. >> nicely done. >> this is an amazing sandwich. isn't that smart? >> and these brownies are ridiculous. >> nicely done, amy. >> thanks, guy. >> don't miss all the action this sunday night, "football night in america." when the cowboys take on the saints. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern. up next. >> don't go anywhere because there's more food, if you can believe it. al has -- one of the best chicken dinners that you will ever eat. what was it? chicken, chicken. >> winner winner moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care to the total family. listerine total care.
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free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. so our theme this week food winner winner chicken dinner and this fits the ball. salty skin chicken inspired by the late jeune julie rogers from the san francisco cafe and everyone i've gifd this recipe to has raved about it, part of their go to. >> really. >> you need a little time and plan ahead a little bit, simplicity unto itself. talking about a whole chicken, three or four pound chicken, whatever herbs you like, on ion ion, salt and pep per and olive oil. take sea salt, kosher salt, whatever you want and put at
10:41 am
whatever herbs you like, rosemarie, thyme, sage, what is that, oregano, organize, and then you're going to take a bunch of it and chop it up, just chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. in the judy rogers recipe, if you want to do this, you can. you work your fingers underneath the skin and put the herbs underneath the skin or you can just chop it all up and put the herbs into the salt. now what you're going to do is you're basically going to rub this all over, and i know it looks like a lot but here's what's going to happen. >> looks delicious. >> put a little in the cavity there. you'll take this and put it on a of that. you'll put this it your refrigerator loosely covered like this for one to two days. >> oh, really. >> it can stay in your fridge like that. the salt is absorbed in and eventually pushed out and it tenderizes the meat. >> wow? this is what you're going to have and the other thing to do,
10:42 am
do this on the stove top or do it in the oven. i like to do it on the stove top. i like to take a cast iron skillet skillet, take that out and put that over here. you take your chicken and you're going to put it the in that really hot pan breast size up and hear that sizele and then you're going to take it and put it back inside and put it in for 30 minute, breast side up. now what you're going to do leave that in there 30 minutes breast side up, take it out, put it the breast side down 20 minutes and then after that ten more minutes breast side up so the skin crisps. >> about an hour. >> breast side down, up. >> and this is what you end up with. >> ooh, this is so delicious. >> and what you'll do is you'll let this rest and while it's resting, okay, you take the chicken out of the oven. you're going to cut up -- while this is cooking you'll cut up a couple of onions and put them in
10:43 am
great brown bits at the bottom. put that in, okay, put this back in often, check it a couple of times, if it gets dry you add a little water or broth or whatever and you get carmelized onion and the crispy skin chicken and it's moist and tender from the white meat to recipe. >> this chicken is delicious. >> as advertised, as good as i've had. everyone should have a good roast chicken in their repertoire, judy roger, god rest her soul, left a legacy that will last forever. >> want this recipe and more chicken ideas go to and click the dinner tab. coming up next, a 10-year-old comedian who broke the internet with her hilarious comedy act and she will the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus
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10:48 am
learned how to use a toilet, with my diaper over my head with a helmet. >> so you do physical -- >> you do physical comedy. >> i can. >> who is your favorite, who -- who makes you laugh? >> phyllis diller. >> phyllis diller, old school. >> you're melting our hats. >> brought in a live audience. >> all paid the two-drink minimum which is fantastic. >> there's an open bar? >> we're told that you had to tone down your act because it can get a little raisy. >> yes. >> yeah. >> we only have three jokes that we could actually tell. >> on tv. >> that's incredible. >> well, you're from texas, that's why i've got the dallas cowboys going on. >> what did you love about seth rogen? >> oh, yeah, i met him and i cried a little. just a little. i got star truck. i get star struck easily. >> katherine herndon. >> front row. >> oh, yeah. >> okay. three, two, one. okay. so i saw this show called "the flintstones" on tv, most of you
10:49 am
guys out here look like you watched it. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> and you guys watch this it probably just called the news. yearbook. everything? don't know what to do with my bangs, perm t.billy ray, that's a sweet mullet but be even sweeter if you perm it. and hey, look, i have all these ceramic pets, let's grow grass on their heads and perm it. cha-cha-chia. i wait my mom tries to talk to me about dying, when i die i want to be cream aid, i wash my ashes spread over the golden gate bridge. i'm 10 years old and i want ice cream. how do you handle that thing? i didn't know so for christmas i
10:50 am
but i do think when it does come time, hopefully it will help lift up her spirits. ever notice how dogs are always like hey friend and cats are the being like i don't like you and parents be like let's make saffron a superstar and send her here to california on your dime. >> wow. >> help me. >> thank you. >> that's -- that's all my clean jokes. >> savon herndon. >> saffron herndon. >> last comic standing right here. >> you get a good start. >> will you be able to live with your parent after those jokes about them. >> they are okay with it. >> you want to see more of saffron go on youtube, it gets much edgier than what you saw here.
10:51 am
>> seth rogen should have been crying because he met you. >> back in a molt. this is "today" on nbc. why are you here? why are any of us here? windows people! windows are the eyes into the soul of the home! ugly soul. [shutters] ugh don't make your life difficult. when your client needs blinds go to blinds to go. with the largest selection of beautiful blinds and shades custom sized and guaranteed for life they're a designer's best friend. trust me, they make window decorating easy. take 25% off all cellular shad during our early fall savings sale take 20-30% off all cellular shades and cascade double shades. i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help.
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>> man. saffron is handing out her business cards to everybody. >> tamron wants to get her t-shirt. she says i have a website. >> got to make money somehow. >> supporting her family. >> exactly. >> a lot of people to take care of. >> what's coming this up weekend? >> you know about the movie "the martian" and natalie sat down with matt damon. and i just came back from california where i sat down with andy weir who wrote the book "the martian" that the book is based on. he's a very funny guy. we talked to him a little bit about why he has a fascination with mars, what the response has been and it turns out, by the way, given up on being a writer, computer programmer, never going to work out and then he started writing the book and a fascinating story about how it
10:54 am
within four days of that book deal he got the movie deal. >> got to see that movie. >> it's great. >> the book is fantastic, highly recommend the book and the movie is really -- stays pretty closely to the story. >> wow, can't wait. >> dylan is going to be in south carolina for all the flooding. >> she will be covering that for us. she's there and this morning she's in north carolina. >> kill devil hills. >> and now driving with her crew because this could be historically dangerous flooding. >> everybody needs to be careful of that. >> speaking of "the martian" one of its stars emmy winner jeff daniels will be joining kathie lee and hoda. >> after your local news and weather.
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